The absoulte most important camping gear you can own is a tent. Certain things about a tent can really make or break your camping experience, so it's very important that you have a tent that checks all of your boxes. There are so many 'best rated tents' and different types of 4 person tents on the market these days, it can be overwhelming deciding which is the best tent for when you go camping and for you and your family!

In this article, you will learn our choice for the best 4 person tent, the best camping tent brands, as well as camping tent reviews on the top rated tents in many different categories. We will also tell you what to look for the best tent to buy and what the most important characteristics are in a tent. Read on to find your favorite tent for all your next adventures!

Our Pick for the Best 4 Person Tent

Our pick for the best outdoor tent is the ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 4-Person Tent. We feel this is one of the best camping tents out there for a family of 4 for several different reasons. The first being the ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 4-Person Tent has a great waterproof indexing of 2000mm on the floor and 1500mm on the walls. This means the fabric can withstand that many millimeters of water pouring on top before it leaks.

Another reason we chose the ALPS Mountaineering as the best tent for camping is because it has enough sleeping space for a family of 4 to feel very comfortable. A queen sized airmattress will most definitely fit with some extra room for children's sleeping bags or your gear.

One thing we always look for in a tent is storage pockets. We find this is super important to keep a flashlight handy or to organize other small things. The ALPS Mountaineering has 2 internal pockets and a gear loft to store your flashlight or extra loose gear. This tent also has two vestibules, and only weighs 8lbs so it can be used as a backpacking tent or a car camping tent. In our opinion, this tent checks all the boxes and that is why we consider it the best 4 people tent on the market.

The Best 4 Person Tents Comparison Chart

Best Tent- Our PickBest Backpacking TentBest Lightweight TentBest Family TentBest Budget Tent
Alps Mountaineering TentKelty Grand Mesa TentBig Agnes Copper HV UL NTK Cherokee GT TentColeman Sundome Tent
2 Doors
2 Vestibules
1 Vestibule
2 Doors
2 Vestibules
1 Door
No Vestibule
1 Door
No Vestibule
65' Floor Area54.5' Floor Area57' Floor Area49' Floor Area63' Floor Area
52" Height56" Height50" Height52" Height49" Height

Best 4 Season TentBest Car Camping TentBest Pop-Up TentBest Tent For Standing Up InBest Waterproof Tent
GeerTop 4 Seasons Tent Napier SUV Tent Gazelle Pop-Up Tent Eureka! Jade CanyonTeton Sports Ultra
2 Doors
2 Vestibules
1 Door
No Vestibule
2 Doors
No Vestibule
1 Door
No Vestibule
2 Doors
2 Vestibules
54' Floor Area100' Floor Area61' Floor Area64' Floor Area56' Floor Area
53" Height84" Height78" Height84" Height59" Height

Top Rated Tents in Every Category:

Best 4 Person Car Camping Tent


There are a ton of car camping tents to choose from, but our choice for the best tent for car camping has to be the Napier Backroadz SUV Tent. Many car camping tents have certain specs that will only fit certain model of cars, but not the Napier. The Napiers has a universal vehicle sleeve that will attach to any kind of SUV, CUV or Mini Van so you don't have to worry about whether or not the specs are right for your car.

The Napier is also one of the best car camping tents because techincally, it is a four person tent, but it is definitely roomy enough for up to 5 people with its 9' x 9' interior. The Napier also transforms into a standalone tent so it can be used as a backpacking and car camping tent! It also comes with a storm flap for weather protection and privacy, plus a wide entrance offering optimal ventiflation and accessability.

Best 4 Person Backpacking Tent

Our choice for the best 4 man backpacking tent is by far the Kelty Gran Mesa Tent. Weighing only 6 lbs 13 oz- this backpacking tent is a great choice for a lightweight backpacking tent. A great feature of this four man tent is that is has a full mesh body, making for great ventilation.

Most of the best backpacking tents also come with a vestibul (an area to keep your stuff dry and sheltered) and of course the Kelty has a vesituble offering 14 sq. ft. of protected area. The Kelty is the best 4 person tent for camping and backpacking if you have 2 adults and two small children.  Also, Kelty brand tents are some of the best high quality tents on the market- so you can't go wrong with this choice.

If you have older children, we recommend sizing up to a 6 person backpacking tent such as the Semoo Dome Tent. Unfortunatly the bigger the tent, the more it will weigh, so you have to pick and choose what is most important to you.

Best Lightweight Tent - Lightest 4 Person Tent

There are many factors that go into a backpacking tent, but argubly one of the most important factors is weight. That is why we chose the Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL Backpacking Tent as the best lightweight 4 person tent you can buy. A great feauture of this tent is that is comes in different sizes depending on how many people you will have with you. This 4 person tent weighs only 5lbs 3ozs making it an ultralight 4 person tent. Size is also definitely something to take into consideration with an ultralight tent. The Big Agnes actually is designed to give you more room with its high volume pole architecture and steeper walls which gives you more area to more around and spread out.

Having a lightweight camping tent is great, but what about the other feautures such as durability to hold up in bad weather? This Big Agnes feautures some great specs for weathering such as dual vestibules that provide a combined area of 18 sq ft for dry gear storage and every seam is taped with waterproof, solvent-free polyurethane tape. The rainfly and the floor are also ultra-durable with 1200mm waterproof rating.

But this Big Agnes doesn't stop there- it also features ceiling storage, 8 mesh pockets and 4 media pockets. Since this tent comes with so many extras plus being ultralightweight- it is definitely one of our favorite tents on this list!

Best Family Camping Tents

If you are looking for the best 4 person family tent, we recommend the NTK Cherokee GT Tent. This tent is a great 4 person family tent if you are a family with 2 adults and 2 smaller children. We would not recommend this tent for a family with older children as it won't be as comfortable and give you enough sleeping room. If you're looking for cheap family tents- the Cherokee GT is a great beginner tent for family because of its very resonable price. The rain fly has a waterproof rating of 2500mm it also comes with a utility pocket and gear loft for storage and a ventilated mesh roof. The floor is also made out of heavy duty anti-fungus material, keeping you dry and protected.

Looking for family size tents or a tent for a family of 4 but have older kids? We recommend sizing up to a 6 person tent and checking out the Tomount 6 Person Tent. This tent provides an amble amount of room for a family of 4 plus all of your bags and gear. The Tomount only takes 8 minutes to set-up and the waterproof indexing is 4000mm. This tent also comes with a handy electrical access port allowing you to run an electrical cord outside of the tent so you can charge your devices. In our opinion, it's the best tent for a 4 person family out there.

Best Budget Tent - Best Tent Under $100

Our pick for the best 4 person tent under $100 is definitely the Coleman SunDome Tent. With 5,000 five star reviews on Amazon, the Coleman 4 man Tent is a great choice for a family looking for the best budget camping tent on the market. There are many budget friendly tents out there to choose from, but we like the Coleman Dome Tent because it has welded floors and inverted seams- which helps to keep water out and you dry in case it rains during your camping trip.

Another reason we love the Coleman Dome is because it's not only the best tent to buy on a budget, but it also has great packability (60.5 x 16.5 cm) and is very easy to carry around. It is definitely one of the best affordable tents on the market and for good reason- the tent has a set-up time of about 5 minutes and a great ventilation system with 2 windows and a ground vent.

The Coleman Dome is a option for a cheap 4 person tent that will suite families looking for the best tent for the money and families who are interested in casual camping. For the price, we feel it is the best cheap tent out there and great beginner tent for a family. Coleman is also a very well-known brand and they make some of the best quality camping tents on the market.

Best Waterproof 4 Person Tent

All tents claim to be waterproof. Although- when put to the test many actually fail. That's why we are recommending the Teton Sports Mountain Ultra Tent as the best waterproof family tent out there. The reason being is this tent was actually designed to not have a single seam. Seams not being properly sealed or poorly designed are generally the cause of a leak -or even worse- a puddle making its way into your sleeping quarters. For this reason, Teton decided to make a tent completely seamless- thus eliminating the chance of any seams leaking.

The only downside to this 4 man waterproof tent is that when the rainfly is on- there are no windows. To compensate for no windows, the rainfly does have built in vents so there is definitely still airflow. The rainfly is also extremely durable with 66D ripstop, and PU coated nylon that has a 3000mm rating. Other great specs about this tent are its deep, tub-like floor, how easy it is to set-up, and how easy it is to get in and out of.

Our favorite part about this tent is if you have an unexpected chage of weather (for the better) you can take off the rainfly and have a gorgeous uninterupted view of the night sky. We absolutely love stargazing so this puts the Teton as one of the best rated camping tents in our books!

Best 4 Person 4 Season Tent

If you are looking for the best 4 season- 4 person waterproof tent we highly recommend buying the GeerTop Portable 4 Person 4 Seasons Backpacking Tent. This tent for 4 is one of the best tents out there for waterproofing as it has waterproofing specs of 3000mm on the walls and 5000mm for the floor. This tent is actually lightweight for having such high waterproof indexing, and only weighs about 9lbs.

Another great feature of this 4 season 4 person tent is that it has a vestibule that doubles as an awning when not in use. We also like that it has 2 entrances and 2 ventilation windows providing optimal airflowage. Because this is a 4 season tent- it comes with a snow skirt edge and the ventiflations windows are built to be able to be opened in the rain.

If you are looking for a tent for cold weather camping or you know you will be going camping in the rain- the GeerTop is a great choice to keep you warm and dry.

Best 4 Person Pop Up Tent

If you are looking for a quick assemble tent, the Gazelle T4 Pop-Up Portable Camping Hub Tent is definitely the best 4 person instant tent on the market. Every person that has reviewed this 4 man pop up tent has given it 5 stars and for good reason. The Gazelle is super convienent and can be up and ready to go in 90 seconds or less. The pop-up tent is also a cabin tent so you could easily stand inside of the tent as the ceiling measures at 6.5 feet tall!

Besides the easy set-up and spacious inside that comfortably fits 4 people, the Gazelle comes with a waterproof rain fly and 6 windows giving you opitmal ventilation. One of the coolest and best features of this easy camp tent is that is has a removeable floor! The polyester floor is held in place by a thick strip of extra strength hook and loop tape surrounding the tent interior and can quickly and easily be removed to clean or shake out dirt. No more trying to impossibly sweep all the dirt out of your tent. That alone makes it one of the best top camping tents in our minds!

The Best 4 Person Tent You Can Stand Up In

One of the most annoying things about camping in a tent is having to squat down the whole time you are inside of the tent. Some people want a roomy tent that they can stand up and walk around in. That is why we picked the Eureka! Jade Canyon Three-Season Camping Tent as the best tall 4 person tent on the market.

When looking for tents you can stand up in, you want to find a tent that is at least 6 feet tall. The Eureka Jade Canyon goes a step further and the center height reaches all the way to 7 feet! Besides just the center height being 7 feet- the walls are nearly vertical making the entire tent easy to walk around in. Even though it's not a 2 room camping tent, it still has a ton of room and you will feel very comfortable in it.

Our favorite and one of the coolest features of this tent is the Eluminate System which has removable fabric panels that reflect light from a standard LED lantern down to the floor, increasing floor-level lighting by up to three times! They also have a built in media storage pocket with touch friendly coating so you can use your tablets incase you get caught in a rain storm.

What to Look for When Buying a Tent

good tents for camping

What is the Size of Your Family?

When looking for the best 4 man tent, it's very important to focus on size of the tent. Often times when a tent is advertised as a 4 person tent, it won't actually fit 4 adults comfortably inside. These tents are best for a family of 4 with 2 adults and 2 small children.

Many manufactors have a different idea of the size of an adult- so the square footage of the tent will change from brand to brand. We recommend looking at the square footage of the tent and taking into account if you will have older children with you, or if you are wanting to put an airmattress or your gear inside

If you are looking for the best camping tents that will fit 4 adults, we highly recommend sizing up and getting a tent made for 6 people.

How Much Does the Tent Weigh?

Weight is another very important factor to look for when buying a tent. The type of tent you buy is going to be based off of what you are looking to do with your tent. Many people want a backpacking and car camping tent, but others want a lightweight tent that they can use for backcountry/trail camping. Others know that they won't be backcountry camping at all, so they don't mind if their tent weighs a bit more than usual.

Weight can really make or break your idea of the best 4 person tent. Backpacking tents will often weigh under 7lbs and casual camping tents can weight up to 40lbs! First, you need to choose what you want to do with your tent, and then base your tent buying decision off of that.

If you are looking for strictly a backpacking tent, we recommend you stick with buying a tent that weighs under 10lbs.

How Weather Resistant is the Tent?

best tent for family of 4

All of the best camping tent brands out there are water resistant. Although, it is worth paying attention to the waterproof ratings when buying a tent. The ratings genearlly range from 800mm (millimeters) to 10,000mm. This means that the fabric on the tent can withstand that many millimeters of water before soaking through.

Although, just because a waterproof rating is on the lower side of 10,000mm does not mean that it is not a good tent and won't keep you dry. The tent needs to have a well-rounded design to be completely waterproof. Also, the higher the waterproof rating- the heavier and rigid the tent is- which may not be something you are looking for. A tent with 1000mm rating walls and 1500mm rating floor should keep you very dry.

Often times waterproof family camping tents will come with a different waterproof rating for the floor and the walls. Floors will usually have a higher waterproof rating as that means the fabric is stronger and you want a tent floor that can withstand abrasions.

When choosing which waterproof rating is right for you, you will need to take into consideration what time of year you will most likely be camping in. Also think about if you planned a camping trip and closer to your trip the forecast predicted rain- would you still go? Many people won't go camping if there is any chance of rain and if you are one of those people than I wouldn't worry too much about the waterproof rating of your tent. If you will camp in the rain- we recommend looking for a waterproof rating of 1000mm or higher.

What Bells & Whistles Should My Tent Have?

Besides size, weight and waterproofing being a factor in deciding what tent is right for you, many people are looking for a certain type of tent to fit their needs. Some people want a tent that they can stand up in, some people want a tent with vestibules, a tent with lots of pocket storage, a tent that will fit their budget, or a tent with easy set-up.

We find that storage, a vestibule, adequte ventiation, and great waterproofing are the 'extras' we generally look for when making a tent buying decision and generally signifiy that tent is one of the best quality tents. If the tent checks all those boxes- I'm sold!

What Season Will You Be Camping In?
Tent in the snow

This is something to take into account when choosing which tent is right for you. Many people only enjoy camping when the weather is nice and warm, so they don't need to focus on this part of a tent. But some people are looking for the best all around 4 season tent that can withstand heavy rainfall, strong winds, and snow.

If you are looking for a tent to camp in during nicer weather- a 2 season tent should fit you just fine. These tents come with lighter material, less poles and more mesh windows to make it as easy as possible to set up your tent and for optimal ventilation. Most 2 season tents will still protect against rain, but probably not for downpours lasting more than a day or two. These tents are usually the cheap 4 man tents and a bit better on the budget than 3 or 4 season tents.

If you want to camp from early spring to late fall, we recommend choosing a 4 person 3 season tent. Tents designed for 3 seasons are more reliable for rain and extended use as the material is often thicker and the frames are often stronger. Usually 3 season tents come with a full-length rain fly that can be removed making this type of tent the most versitale tent you can buy.

So what about 4 season tents? They are most definietly out there but they are often times used by mountaineers and because of their need to protect people from the harshest of conditions- they are usually the most expensive type of tent you can buy.

Should My Tent Have a Vestibule?

When choosing what tent you should buy- do you need to look for one that has a vestibule? Even better question-what is a vestibule? A tent vestibule is an area built onto the front of the tent designed to protect your gear. They usually don't have a floor and they help protect your gear while you sleep. Vestibules are a great place to store dirty boots or shoes so you don't have to bring them inside the tent and get your sleeping quarters dirty.

So you are probably thinking- do I really need to have a vestibule on my tent? The answer to that really depends on what kind of camping you are going to be doing. If you are going to be car camping, then no you probably don't need one because you can just store all of your extra gear in your car. If you are going to be backcountry camping, we recommend buying a tent with a vestibule so that you can have a place to store your gear incase it rains. Either way, there is defininetly a 4 person tent with vestibule included in our list above. If you are on a budget, keep in mind though that some of the best value tents do not include a vestibule.

How Important is Ventilation?

Having an adequate amount of ventilation is a pretty important feature you need to look for when buying a tent. Being stuck inside a stuffy tent all night can really put a damper on your camping trip. Make sure when buying a tent to check if the rain fly has ventilation as some cheaper tent models are all mesh- but when you put the rain fly on you are stuck inside a hot tent with no air flowing through.

Buying a 4 Person Tent Overview

Overall, deciding what 4 person tent you are going to buy can be quite a challenge. There are many different things to take into account when deciding what's the best four person tent for you and your family. Ultimately, you need to decide what kind of adventure you are going to be using your tent for and then decide if you want an ultralight 4 person tent, the best cheap 4 person tent, or the best tent for family of 4. We don't think there is just one best tent in the world, and it really depends on what you value in a tent. Whatever you decide, we hope this guide helped you pick out the best outdoor camping tent for you.

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Do you have a favorite 4 person tent to add to this list? What are the things you look for when buying a tent? Comment below and let us know!


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