Missouri has some absolutely beautiful scenery. One of the things I really enjoy about driving around St. Louis on a daily basis is the fact that the city is quite literally built amongst the trees.

This makes the fall season particularly beautiful when all of those trees give one last gorgeous display of color as they finish off the year with a bang!

Travel Time!

Jess and I often state that one of the truly amazing aspects of travel is the simple fact that you can do it anytime. Travel doesn’t have to mean a big international trip that’s going to require you to quite your job and piss off your family by telling them “See ya later!” for a year or more.

Travel can be taking a trip after work to the country to enjoy the fall colors before the leaves disappear for another year! Now I must admit that I’m not actually the best at practicing what I preach; I find myself locked into my daily routine for weeks, sometimes months (eek!) at a time without stopping to enjoy the little discoveries to be had right in my own back yard.

Not wanting to let this happen with the fall colors, Jess and I kicked off the routine blues and headed out to a wildlife sanctuary just outside St. Louis to check out some colors and have a little fun.

Thankfully we have so many close by!

My only past experience with drones was about 4 years ago when I flew a friend's drone for about 4 seconds before crashing it into the ground.

Because of this I was a little nervous stepping out into that field. The Disco is known for it’s exceptional “auto piloting abilities” but if there was a category below “beginner” that would be me! So the Disco was certainly going to be put to the test.

I read through the manual, put on the wings and plugged in the battery. “Well, here we go.” I thought as I pressed take off and tossed it into the wind. I'll be dammed if that thing didn’t take right off!

Ready or not here we go

I have to admit I was very surprised at exactly how user friendly it really was. The Disco literally takes right off and begins to make a circle overhead until you take the controls and make it do something else.

This was all fun and games until I realized that it was getting dark and it was now time for me to figure out how to land this thing. Taking off was super easy because all I had to do was throw it, but now it was time to get it to stop.

It took a few tries and a bit more reading about the different landing patterns, but I did eventually get it landed without any major damages.

Not bad for a first time pilot

I will say that there were a few things about the Disco that I found troublesome. The fact that it is a fixed wing drone is nice in that it is pretty stable when you fly it and it is exceptionally easy to get going. But this makes it relatively large due to the wingspan, and I felt as though it was a bit difficult to land because it has to keep moving forward to fly. I also couldn’t do any of those really cool slow rising elevations before taking off into the distance shots.

While I don’t think it’s something I would take traveling overseas due to it’s size and flying style, I absolutely love the Parrot Disco for road trips here at home and for having fun with friends and family.

A drone is the type of thing that never fails to draw people’s interest. Jess and I also recently went out of town to visit my family and we had a blast flying the Disco around. My family has even less experience than I do when it comes to flying a drone and so it was great to be able to hand them the controls and say “Here, you fly it. It’s really easy!”

The look on their faces is the best part

Where's the first place you would visit if you had a drone? Leave a comment below and tell us about it!

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Ron Sefcik is the co-founder of Unearth The Voyage.

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