We are so excited to be writing this article for a few different reasons. The first reason is that this is the first “life happenings” article we have ever published on our blog! Let us explain a bit:

We started our blog a couple of years ago as a way to kind of document our previous travels and we’re not going to lie, we saw all these other incredible bloggers gallivanting around the globe and affording it all through their blogging! We decided we too wanted to be travel superstars and hopefully someday make a living off of our blog as well. We knew it would not be easy, but we are a very hard working, determined couple who have the dream of traveling the world lighting a fire under our tushies.

Fast forward a year and we were already starting to get burnt out on blogging. We had been living in a tiny apartment in St. Louis, Missouri - working 8-5 jobs while simultaneously attempting to grow a successful blog. We knew it was possible to get to where we wanted to be, but we were so tired of working at our “normal” jobs and then coming home and working on the blog until 12 am every night and getting up and doing it all over again.

We knew we weren’t going to last much longer and had to find a different, faster way to be able to afford to quit our 8-5’s and work online. Enter: Digital Marketing! I (Jess) was scrolling Facebook one day when I saw an Ad claiming it would teach us how to grow our own digital marketing business (and fast) so we could finally be our own bosses and have the opportunity to do what we’ve been dreaming about this whole time: full-time travel.

To say we were skeptical was an understatement. Everyone claims they are going to teach you how to be your own boss these days- there is no way out of the bajillion others these people had really cracked the code. But! We can proudly say we have followed their teachings to a tee and are feeling blessed beyond belief to have found this amazing opportunity!

And the best part about it all- we are so excited to be able to finally say that we are FULL-TIME TRAVELERS/DIGITAL NOMADS! Exactly what we’ve been working towards this whole time.

Once we got to the point where we felt comfortable leaving the every other week paychecks behind we had a big decision to make: Where would be travel to first?


We had India, Nepal & Sri Lanka on the list for a long time. When we first started our blog we decided no matter how much money it was making us, after two years we were going to quit our jobs and travel off of our savings to first Nepal then India and if we had enough money left- Sri Lanka. As the 2-year mark got closer and we had enough savings to make this dream happen, we decided we really didn’t want to travel again and have to come home after that to the same 8-5 soul-sucking, tiny apartment lifestyle. We chose to keep working our butts off and get to a point where we were making enough to sustain our lifestyle online before traveling again.

Once making this happen, we decided Nepal and India might not be the best idea for the type of traveling we were looking to do at this time.

Why We Chose To Travel To Mexico

Being from the United States, Mexico is very close to home. We are able to fly there easily and it is extremely affordable! One of the main reasons we settled on Mexico was because of the time zone. Mexico is on the same time zone as the US, which makes our lives much easier when working with people who live in the US/Canada.

When researching where we were going to go on our first trip as digital nomads, Mexico definitely stood out compared to most countries in Central and South America. We aren’t necessarily looking to live in a big city, and it seemed most countries besides Mexico only have decent internet in the big cities. It also seems Mexico is easy to get around and has a wonderful bus system between most cities throughout the country.

mexico buildings

We are also very interested in Mexican culture! Living and growing up in the US, Mexican culture and food is very prominent and we are super excited to be immersed in it! We can’t wait to try authentic Mexican food and finally use that 5 years combined of Spanish we learned in High School (if we can remember anything!)

Wait- Isn’t Mexico Dangerous?

The look we get from people when we say we're spending the next couple of months of our lives in Mexico is priceless. It’s very similar (but not quite as shocking) to the look people gave us when we said we were going to spend 6 months backpacking through India. After the look is given we are told to be careful because “people are getting kidnapped there” or “you know to not drink the water, right?”

It’s completely understandable that people in the US are nervous about Mexico. The media is constantly telling us about the terrible things happening in Mexico with the drug cartels and we don’t worry mom, we know about the kidnappings. Some of the consistency of this is probably due to our proximity to Mexico and “The Wall” that is supposedly going to save us all and fix everything that is wrong in the US.

more love mexico

We have done our research, we know where in the country to go- and where not to go. We full-heartedly believe everywhere you go in the world has the possibility of being dangerous and if you use common sense and safe traveling techniques- you (hopefully) will be fine. Of course, even if you are completely on guard, bad things can happen. But these bad things can happen anywhere you go. We refuse to let fear run our lives and in turn cause us to miss out on experiencing some of the most incredible places in the world!

Our Itinerary For Mexico

We depart at the beginning of January and will be flying into a town called Guanajuato City. It is located in the state of Guanajuato, Mexico. While we are here we are super excited to find all the awesome things there are to do in Guanajuato, we also are super excited to buckle down on growing our business and producing more content on our blog!

guanajuato city
Colorful buildings of Guanajuato City

After Guanajuato City, we head to Cuidad de México (Mexico City) for a week! To say we are excited is an understatement!! We can’t wait to explore all of the museums, eat the delicious food, and experience the hustle and bustle of the big city!

We then head to Oaxaca- known as the culinary capital of Mexico and the birthplace of Mole. There are supposedly a ridiculous amount of different kinds of mole and I am totally going to try and eat them all. Oaxaca is supposed to have some great hiking and day excursions nearby and also lots of places to try all the different kinds of Mezcal!

After Oaxaca, we head to San Cristobal De Las Casas! San Cristobal is located in the most southern state of Mexico, Chiapas. San Cristobal has one of the largest population of Indigenous Mayan people in Mexico and their textiles and colorful clothing can be seen all throughout town. San Cristobal used to be part of Guatemala so I’m thinking their colorful clothing will resemble the gorgeous traditional Guatemalan clothing!

San Cristobal De Las Casas
San Cristobal De Las Casas

We then have a cheeky little one-week trip planned to Tulum, located in the Quintana Roo peninsula! We will be meeting close friends there and spending a week relaxing and soaking in the beach life before heading home. Once home we will spend some time finalizing plans for OUR WEDDING!

All in all, we are so excited to finally be on our own- working for ourselves and having the sky as the limit. We have some really exciting and BIG goals we hope to accomplish in 2019. We plan to be posting on our social media outlets and on our blog a lot more and we hope that you find it interesting and follow along- it truly does mean the world to us!

Cheers to new & exciting beginnings!

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Jess Drier is a life long travel bug and co-founder of Unearth The Voyage.

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