So much of travel comes down to planning and waiting. Scheduling where you will go, and what you will see. Waiting for you plane to depart or the bus to arrive. Figuring out when you will be coming back or waiting for you bag to come all the way around the painfully slow baggage carousel. Why is mine always last?

How could everything here be painted white and yet somehow still feel so dark? It seemed innocent enough from the road but the closer I got, the closer I looked, the less I understood... Clearly Thailand was not going to let us get away without at least a few more moments of amazing wonder mixed with complete confusion.

Jess and I had decided to explore the northern Thailand, Bangkok seemed the logical place to fly into, but where to go from there? Chiang Mai was a given to see at some point, we had plans to visit the Elephant Sanctuary. But surely there must be something in-between. A little research showed that there was in fact, and quit a bit at that. One town in particular stood out, Sukhothai, and all of the glorious ruins it had to offer. This was something we absolutely had to see.