If you or your family enjoys going on camping trips, then the number one product you need is a great tent. Various features of the tent you choose can really affect your experience  - and tents with screen rooms are so practical and are a great add-on to any tent.

While factors such as size, weight, and ventilation are important, choosing a tent with a screened porch can make such a big difference to camping comfort.

Tents with screen rooms help with storage, as you have that extra space at your disposal. They also help with weatherproofing by providing an extra level of protection against the wind and rain.

In this post, you will learn our choice for the best tent with a screen room, the best tents with a screen porch for a family, including dome and cabin tents, and those with separate rooms as well as tents for up to ten people. Keep reading to find the perfect tent for your next family camping trip!

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Our pick #1Our pick #2Best Family TentBudget Friendly TentAdded Features Tent
Coleman Cabin TentColeman Steel 6 PersonCore 11 Person Family CabinColeman Dome TentColeman Evanston Tent
4 or 6 person6 person11 person4 person6 Person
6" Height5' 8" Height7' Height4' 11" Height5'8" Height
Best Cabin TentMulti Room TentInstant TentBest 6 Person TentBest 8 Person Tent
KTT Cabin TentOzark Trail 3 Room Instant TentOzark Trail Instant Cabin TentColeman WeatherMaster 6 Person TentWenzel 8 Person Tent
8-10 Person12 person9 Person6 Person8 Person
6' 5" Height6' 3" Height7' Height6' 8" Height6' 6" Height

Our Pick for the Best Tent with Screen Rooms

These are our top recommendations overall. If you’re in a hurry, take a quick look at these two options first! Number one is our top pick of all the great tents in this guide, while number two is another versatile Coleman option featuring a fast pitch system.

1. Our #1 Pick Best Tent With Screen Room: The Coleman Cabin Tent

Of all the tents listed in this guide, the Coleman cabin tent is our favorite among tents with a screen porch. It is compact enough to be used as a 2 man tent with porch and roomy enough to accommodate a family of 4 or even 6.

Campers considering this 2 person tent with screen room can choose between 4 and 6 person models. Whichever you go for, this high-quality Coleman tent offers great value for money - all backed by the reassurance of the included 1-year limited warranty.

A strong frame can stand up to winds of up to 35 miles per hour, while a tub floor helps to keep water out where it belongs. The cabin design also means there is more space inside.

Ground vents and large windows provide plenty of ventilation, while a color-coded system makes this tent easier to put up upon arrival at the campground. There is a carry bag to store it all in, too.

2. Our #2 Pick Best Tents with Screen Rooms: Steel Creek Fast Pitch Tent

Also from Coleman is the Steel Creek fast pitch tent. Sleeping up to six, the spacious screen room is one of the features making this the best tent with screened porch option. If you’re someone who has struggled with putting up a large tent in the past, then you’re sure to appreciate the fact that this tent can be put together in as little as seven minutes, thanks to the Coleman fast pitch system.

Strong fabric and frame make this a tent to last the test of time, while waterproofing is provided by the WeatherTec system and integral rain fly. This tent can accommodate two Queen sized airbeds, so if you’re looking for tents with a porch for a family of four then this one should fit the bill.

This Coleman family tent offers bug-free camping trips, good air circulation, a carry bag, and storage pockets. A color-coded system also means you really can get this tent set up in a matter of minutes!

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Tents with Screen Rooms: The Best Family Tent with Screen Room

3. The Core 11 Cabin Tent

The Core 11 person model is a great all-around family tent with a screen room. It features a fully waterproof design and a simple, effective dome design. Sleeping up to eleven, it’s also a lot larger than the other family tents with a screen porch on the market.

Whether you’re a family of three, four, five, or ten, this tent will make sure you have plenty of room for everyone’s stuff. Three queen size airbeds can fit inside with ease.

This screen room tent also offers maximum resistance to bugs, as there are closable window panels in the screen room. The design also incorporates a rain fly for weatherproofing and Core’s own H20 blocking technology is built-in. It also comes complete with a carry bag, while an advanced vent system assists with ventilation.

There is also a handy storage loft in this tent with a screen porch room. This is a really useful feature that gives you somewhere specifically designed for storing luggage, without having belongings all over the floor.

Best Tent with Screen Room with Added Features

4. Coleman Dome Tent with Screen Room

Coleman is one of the most trusted brands in camping, which is just one of the reasons we included this dome tent with a screen room. This Coleman tent with screened porch is super budget-friendly and comes with a whole host of useful features that make it one of our top picks.

Not all tents with a screen room come with Coleman’s unique darkroom technology, but this one does. This stops up to 90% of sunlight from disturbing your sleep, making sleeping in during your camping trip a dream come true. As an added bonus, this also helps to reduce heat, which can also help to ensure you get the best possible night’s rest.

This Coleman dome tent with porch is also designed to withstand strong winds and heavy rain. It can cope with wind speeds of 35 miles per hour plus, and to keep it watertight there’s a built-in rainfly, inverted seams, and welded corners.

One of the best tents with a screen house out there, this product also comes with an e-port for electrical connectivity and Coleman’s one-year limited warranty. It's easier to pitch than other dome tents with a screen porch, as this one sets up in just ten minutes!

The Best 4 Person Tent with Screen Room

5. Coleman Evanston Tent

Yes, that’s right - we are recommending a 6 person tent in the 4 person tent with screened porch category! Sizing up is always recommended, so this Coleman Evanston tent with a screen room attached is no exception. Two Queen size air beds can fit comfortably inside.

A generously sized porch gives everyone plenty of room for their belongings. The sleeping area can accommodate up to 6 adults, making this a great all-rounder for a family of 3, 4, or more.

Among all tents with porches, this Coleman one has some great weatherproofing features. There is a built-in rainfly, while inverted seams and welded corners help to keep out draughts and moisture.

This highly rated is easy to carry and to pitch. A storage bag is included. For even more space, an 8 person model is also available - or stick to using it as a 4 person tent with porch. Either way - if you want a reliable, strong, and comfortable tent to see you through years of happy camping trips, this Coleman tent with a screen room attached is certainly an option to consider. It also comes with Coleman’s one-year limited warranty.

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The Best Cabin Tent with Screen Room

6. KTT Cabin Tent

Looking for a cabin tent with a screen room attached? This KTT camping tent is a great option for any family looking for the best cabin tents with a screened porch. This 2 room tent can accommodate up to 10 people, so there’s plenty of space. If you want a large area for the family pet, your luggage and for storing wet coats and boots during rainy weather, then this top pick among cabin tents with porch ticks a lot of boxes.

At over 6.5 feet high, anyone can stand up inside this tall tent. Mesh windows help to keep out bugs, while allowing fresh air in for improved ventilation. There are 3 doors, too, so there’s no need to step on mom, dad or the kids when entering or exiting the tent.

This is a highly recommended cabin tent with a screen porch. It is designed to be water, wind and bug proof, with great space and ventilation to ensure a comfortable camping trip. There is even the option to add an awning for daytime use, thanks to the included extra poles.

Multi-Room Tents with SCreen Rooms

What if you’re looking for the best tent with a screen room - but also want separate sleeping areas inside? If that describes you, check out our choice in this category - a 2 room tent with an additional screened porch.

7. Ozark Trail 12-Person 3-Room Instant Tent

This Ozark Trail 12 person product is great for anyone seeking 3 room tents with a screen porch. This is a very versatile tent, as there are 3 separate areas within - two rooms, plus a covered area with an open floor that can be used to make this a multi-room tent with a porch for up to a dozen people.

This 3 room tent with screened porch can be set up in just a couple of minutes, largely due to the fact that the poles are pre-attached. There is a ton of space for 3 Queen size airbeds once set-up so you can fit a large family or two different families in one tent.

To help resist wind and water, the 10 windows are fully closable. It also features taped, sealed seams for extra leak protection.

As it comes with two dividers, it’s possible to set up this product as a three-room tent with screened porch, while still having two separate rooms inside. The porch can be used as an additional sleeping area if required.

This top pick among tents with screen porches features a simple domed design that makes for an adaptable, spacious family camping tent. Ground vents and pockets ensure there’s enough ventilation and storage, too.

Instant Tents with Screen Rooms

8. Ozark Trail 9-Person Instant Cabin Tent

Also from Ozark Trail is this 9 person instant cabin tent. A large instant tent with screened porch can be quite hard to find, but fortunately, we stumbled upon this spacious one that can accommodate up to 9 people.

There is lots of room inside both the vestibule and the main tent area of this screen camping tent. The former is great for storing luggage, footwear, or even the family pet. It is described as a tent for 7 or more, so there is ample space inside, even for a larger family.

A clever design means this top pick among instant tents with a screen porch really is easy to set-up at the campground. As the poles are pre-connected, you simply pull them up into place before securing them to the ground.

To put this tent up, you simply open the storage bag and let it pop-up. This easy camping product really is the best instant tent with a screen porch out there!

If you’re looking at camping tents with screened porch but are not too confident in your putting a tent together skills, then perhaps this pop-up model with a vestibule is the easy answer.

6-Person Tent with Screen Room

9. Coleman WeatherMaster Tent

The highly-rated Coleman Weathermaster is another great choice for a tent with a screen room. With enough space for a couple of Queen size airbeds, it’s a great option for families seeking a 6 person tent with screened porch.

Like some other camping tents with a porch, this one has a floorless screen room - ideal for storing muddy footwear or wet waterproofs during inclement weather. This 6 person tent with porch has a center height of 6 feet and 8 inches, giving everyone plenty of headroom.

Like other Coleman camping tents with a screen room, this one has WeatherTec features like inverted seams and welded floors, so there’s no need to worry if the weather forecast is less than ideal.

If you’re seeking front porch tents with plenty of space for everyone, then make sure you check out this product.

8-Person Tent with Screen Room

10. Wenzel 8-Person Klondike Tent

If you’re seeking the ideal 8 person tent with a screen porch, then take a look at the Wenzel Klondike. This is a very versatile tent, as it has 2 very spacious, separate areas within. This camping tent with screen room for up to 8 can sleep 5 in the larger living area, plus 3 in the smaller one.

This 8 man tent with a porch has a removable rain fly with sealed seams, as well as windows with zippered flaps inside. Mesh roof vents help to ensure fresh air flow, keeping the sleeping and living spaces ventilated.

This product can be used as an 8 person tent with screened porch, or have the option to use the extra space for a smaller family and all their belongings. The 8 person tent with screen room could also be used with furniture set up inside the extra room, such as a table and chairs to make mealtimes or evenings more enjoyable.

This Wenzel product is a great camping tent with a porch for a couple with up to six children. It's also a great price and has really awesome reviews, so you really can't go wrong with this tent!

What to Look for When Buying Tents With Screen Rooms

What to look for in Tents with Screen Rooms

Why buy a tent with a porch?

First, let’s consider this. Why invest in a family tent with a screen room? Well, having that porch added to your tent gives you somewhere to stash all your gear. It is also the ideal place for muddy footwear. Or even the family dog! Some are even suitable for sleeping in, should you find you need more space than you expected.

If there is going to be any chance of rain when you’re camping, then it’s best to invest in a tent with a screen room for wet gear. It can also provide an extra layer of protection from the elements - as well as bugs.

Size matters

It’s just as important to think about the size when selecting the best tent with a screen porch as it is with any tent. Although a tent may say that it accommodates 4 people, you may well find that it’s a tight fit. A 4 man tent is often for a family with two small children rather than 4 adults or a couple with older kids. This is exactly why we chose a 6 person tent in the 4 person tent category.

Each tent manufacturer will have its own ideas about how many people will fit in the tent. If you want to compare brands, then look at the square footage on each product description or the comparison chart we have listed above. Some will also mention how many air mattresses of a certain size will fit inside - which can be a more useful measure in many cases!

Remember that you need space for all your stuff. If 4 of you are going camping and want to be comfortable, then we’d recommend going for the next size up. If there are 4 of you, go for a 6 person tent, and so on. Even if the children are small, it's always better to have more room than not, so we would suggest investing in a bigger tent to begin with.

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What about the weight?

Tents with Screen Rooms size

Another factor to think about when choosing between tents with attached screen rooms is the weight. How much this matters depends on what sort of camping you plan to do. If you are driving to your destination, then the weight won’t matter as much as it would if you were backpacking, for instance.

If you take more than one type of trip, then do you want to buy two tents, or opt for one all-purpose model? In general, a larger tent will weigh more than a smaller one, so size comes into the equation here too.

Having a lightweight tent may make putting it up easier, as you won’t be struggling with heavy items. Having said that, a very light tent may flap around more in windy weather. It really is worth thinking about what sort of weather you’ll be camping in, as well as how you’re going to get there.

In our experience, the weight of a tent may be anywhere between 7 and 40 lbs. That’s a big difference! If you plan to carry your tent while backpacking, then opting for one under 10lbs is best.


The majority of screen house camping tents will claim to be water-resistant or even waterproof. There is a difference between the two terms, however. ‘Water resistant’ means it will resist moisture, while ‘waterproof’ means it should not let any in. It’s a little like the difference between a waterproof jacket or watch, and one that is just shower or splashproof.

The best camping brands will want to ensure their products don’t leak, but the best way to check is to look for the waterproof ratings given. A tent’s level of water resistance may vary from 800mm up to 10,000mm. This means that the tent fabric can cope with that many millimeters of water. Any more than that, and it could leak through.

There are other factors that affect waterproofing, and a tent does not necessarily have to have a waterproof rating in the thousands to be good. A rainfly can help to keep water at bay, and other features to look for include taped or sealed seams, double-layer construction, and a tub-type floor. Highly waterproof tents may also weigh more and have less ventilation, so it's important to keep that in mind.

As a general rule, we’ve found that a tent with a floor rated 1,500 mm plus and 1000 waterproof rated walls will stay dry. Tents do often have different ratings for the floor and walls - because the floor is under constant stress, it does need to be stronger.

When are you likely to go on camping trips? If you only enjoy camping during dry weather, then weatherproofing will not matter quite so much. Wind, though, can be wild at any time of year - in certain places in particular - so that is another consideration. Will you camp in summer only, or are you after a tent that can see you through 3 or 4 seasons?

Seasonal camping

If you only want to camp during warmer weather, then you can skip this section - but if you’d like to camp in the wind, rain, or even snow, then read on to find out more about the kind of tent to go for.

For many, a 2 season tent will do the job. The advantages of summer tents are that they tend to be lighter to carry, easier to put up, and well ventilated. A 2 season tent should offer some protection against heavy rain, but could not cope with extreme conditions.

A 3 or 4 season tent will cost more. It will probably also be heavier - and stronger. A full-length rainfly is a good feature to look for, and fortunately many of the best tents with screen rooms we’ve listed do have these.

What are some other factors to consider?

Tents with Screen Rooms Weather

What else is important to you when camping? We’ve already discussed weatherproofing, weight, seasons, and size. An often-overlooked factor is the height of a tent. If you want to be able to stand up inside the tent, then you need to look for a model that is tall enough to accommodate this. Cabin tents can be best for this, as they have higher roofs and straighter walls. They do, however, tend to be heavier and sometimes more difficult to put up.

A porch is a very useful addition, which is why every tent listed here does indeed have an added vestibule area for storage, waterproofing, and keeping those pesky creepy crawlies or flying insects out.

Ventilation is a key factor that can be overlooked. This can be particularly important if there are more people, as condensation increases according to how many of you are squeezed inside!

A 2 room tent with a porch is worth considering, too, as it increases privacy and versatility. The downside is that it may affect the price and weight as well. Again, it’s all a question of priorities.

Choosing the best tent with screen room

Choosing just the right tent for your family camping trips can be tricky, so we hope this guide is helpful. There are various factors to consider, so often it’s a case of considering carefully what is most important to you.

The key is to decide on the type of camping trips you will be taking - as well as where and when. There are plenty of great products out there, so once you know what you want you just need a tent that ticks those boxes.

Whatever you decide, we hope this guide helps you to choose the right tent for your next family camping adventure!

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