St. Louis is a city known for it's beer. Everything from the mega brewery of Anheuser Busch brewing up America's number one selling Light Lager, to the dozens of craft breweries that have been opening their doors and producing some of the tastiest beer in every variety you could possibly imagine.

If you're a local or a traveller passing through, you might look at the seemingly endless list of amazing St. Louis craft breweries and think "Where do I even begin?" While St. Louis may have dozens of wonderful craft breweries to choose from, we have picked a few of our favorites to help get you started! Here they are, in no particular order. 5 of St. Louis' best lesser known craft breweries.

Heavy Riff Brewing

Inside Heavy Riff Brewery

6413 Clayton Ave
St. Louis, MO 63139

If you’re a music lover then Heavy Riff is for you. While they don’t typically have any live music going on, the music on their playlist is pretty rad. The atmosphere is also perfect for a music fan looking to hang out and have a beer. Heavy Riff is located in a popular area called Dogtown, and while parking in this area can be tough at times, Heavy Riff has their own parking lot right next to the brewery.

Mural outside Heavy Riff Brewery

Heavy Riff can also be a great place to visit at night or on the weekends. A lot of the breweries I have been to are often pretty small. This can be great if you’re looking for an intimate setting to have a chat or an afternoon beer with a friend. But if you find yourself looking for a pint anywhere near prime drinking time, you can almost bet that finding a table or any open space at all is going to be difficult. Heavy Riff on the other hand has plenty of space. So much so that they have a full sized shuffle board table which is always fun when you’re hanging out having a brew.

If you’re looking for friendly service and a place to have a tasty beer with good friends with some great jams going on in the background, you should definitely check out Heavy Riff.

2nd Shift Brewing

Inside lobby of 2nd shift brewery st. louis

1601 Sublette Ave
St. Louis, MO 63110

Your first thought as you come around the corner looking for 2nd Shift Brewing might be that someone is trying to pull and prank on you by giving you the wrong address. The neighborhood is predominantly industrial buildings and it can be rather confusing. But as soon as you pull in the parking lot you will known that you've made it.

2nd Shift is in a large warehouse that is half brewing area and half drinking area. You will really feel like part of the in crowd when having a beer with your buddies after a long day of brewing. It’s also hard to argue that the beer’s not fresh when there’s only a row of barrels separating you from the fermentation tanks.

2nd shift brewery bar

2nd Shift has food, a wall full of board games, and plenty of table space to enjoy an afternoon of drinking great beer. It’s also not uncommon to spot the trendy art crowd, retried couples or even young parents enjoying a few craft beers inside or outside on the patio. Don’t let the location throw you off, 2nd Shift Brewing is a popular spot.

Modern Brewery

Modern Brewery classic truck

5231 Manchester Ave
St. Louis, MO 63110

Modern Brewery is a place like no other. It's one part brewery, one part delicious food truck style noms, one part garage party and a ton of good times rolled into one. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself forgetting that you are in a brewery, because it often feels a lot more like a block party.

People seated at the bar in Modern Brewery

Take a turn off of Manchester when you see the old truck with “Modern Brewery” written on the side and drive all the way to the back of the parking lot to find a brewery experience you will never forget. Despite what you might think, this isn’t someone's garage but rather some of the best beer and friendliest people you will find in St. Louis. If you’re a dog person then this is definitely the place for you; it’s very common to see several people sitting at the bar with their canine buddies curled up at their feet. If it’s a warm summer afternoon, then Modern Brewery is the place to be.

Square One Brewery & Distillery

Mural on the wall of square one brewery

1727 Park Ave
St. Louis, MO 63104

Square One Brewery & Distillery is great because it is just that, a brewery AND a Distillery. With the craft beer craze sweeping all across America, some people feel left out. I pains me to say it but….some people just don't like beer. Well that’s okay, Square One has you covered. They cook up a whole variety of spirits just waiting for you come give them a try.

Outside of square one brewery

Square One is also great if you are looking for a place to eat. The menu is pretty large and the food is great. It looks a little small from the outside or the front room. But worry not, I promise you there is a maze of rooms just past the hostess counter, so you are sure to be seated quickly.

Not too far from the downtown area, Square One is the perfect spot if you are looking for a place to kick off your night on the town. Or perhaps even a classy night cap before you head home.

Charleville Brewing

Eating area of Charleville brewery

2101 Chouteau Ave
St. Louis, MO 63103

If Charleville was perfect for one thing I would have to say it’s a first date. Beautifully decorated, great food, wonderful atmosphere, but not over doing it with the “fancy”. The entire back patio as well as the inside carries the soft ambient light of Edison bulbs. It’s the type of place you could take someone for some delicious food, great conversation and of course some phenomenal beer!

Patio area of Charleville brewery

Now that’s not to say Charleville is only for lovers. It’s also great for a business lunch or even an office party. The dinning area is exceptionally large and so you could stop by at just about any time and probably be seated right away. The staff is super friendly and even quite knowledgeable about the company itself.

If you're looking for some great food in a pleasant atmosphere with some super awesome beer then please by all means check out Charleville!

So there you have it! Five of our favorite craft breweries in St. Louis. It's important to note that while these 5 are great, there are more wonderful places to get a beer here in town than what we could possibly have listed in this one post. Please don't be afraid to check out any of them. You might just find one that you like even better!

Do you have a favorite brewery in St. Louis? Leave a comment bellow and tell us which one you like and why!

5 of the best lesser known craft breweries of St. Louis. Beer drinkers of all types will love the tasty beers these microbreweries have to offer!

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Ron Sefcik is the co-founder of Unearth The Voyage.

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