In the not too distant past, before the Internet took over the world, it was much harder to travel. This was especially true for big international trips. Most people who wanted to see the world or even have a nice vacation were left with only two real options.

Traveling the world before the Internet

Option number one was to go through a travel agent. You had to take the time to find an expert who was going to plan most of your trip for you. You would tell them where you wanted to go and they would get to work setting up a trip for you. Everything would be planned from the moment you got on the plane until you returned home. This was great for some people, but it was very expensive to have someone plan the entire trip for you. Many people also didn’t care for the fact that they were stuck with a schedule the entire time. Where they would go, what they would see, it was far too much structure for some people.

The second option was to grab a travel book and just go. Figure it out on your own and see what happens. Although it gave a lot more freedom to your trip, it was also quite intimidating for most people. Heading out to a foreign country and hoping for the best was a bit too much to tackle.

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What travel blogs do

While most travel bloggers get started because they love to travel and want to share their experiences, they provide another very valuable service. Travel blogs have created a third option for seeing the world. There are literally hundreds of travel blogs out there and the combined knowledge that they provide to you for FREE has made it much easier to see the world on your own. Gone are the days of paying high prices to travel agents only to find yourself stuck with their idea of an “ideal trip”. But you don’t have to do it alone either.

With a few basic research skills and bit of planning, you can see the world with relative ease. Not alone, but with the combined expertise of hundreds of travel bloggers guiding your way. This is a wild, wonderful and exciting world we live in, and now you can explore it like never before!

How to use travel blogs to plan your trip

Travel bloggers are going to be a massive help to you both before and after your trip. Here are a few types of blog posts that will help you out.

Budget posts

Bloggers often write about how they save money for travel. Blogging isn’t exactly a very profitable occupation, and so they have some great tips on how to save money for travel. These types of posts will also help you while you travel. Get on Pinterest or Google and start searching the name of the place you want to go, the word “Budget” and the phrase “Travel Blog”. For example, if you wanted to go to Thailand you might search “Thailand budget travel blog”.

You’re going to get a ton of posts from all sorts of bloggers that will tell you exactly how much it’s going to cost you to go to that place. They will also probably have some great tips for saving money while you are there.

Check out our two-part series on Travel Budgeting before and during your trip!

Travel Budgeting: Before Your Trip
Travel Budgeting: On the Road

Itinerary Posts

Bloggers are also more than happy to help you find great things to do once you get there. Again, head over to Google or Pinterest and search where you want to go along with the word “itinerary”. So going back to our example for Thailand you might search something like “Thailand itinerary travel blog”.

You’re going to find tons of information that will help you decide what you might like to see when you arrive and about how much time you should allow. Some very helpful bloggers might even go so far as suggesting itineraries for you’re entire trip. These are posts that will be called something like “Two-week itinerary for Thailand” or “Ultimate guide to backpacking Thailand”.

You don’t have to follow these itineraries exactly, but they’re often a great starting point that you can build your trip from.

Planning for travel

Transportation & Tips Posts

Now that you know how much money (approximately) you are going to need, the places you would like to visit and what you want to see. The next thing you need to know is how to get around. Again Travel Bloggers have you covered. Bloggers often write a general post about places that they have been that will include a whole variety of great advice. This can be anything from "How to take the local transportation or get to the next city". Or even where to find great local food to try.

A great example would be our post about using the various transportation options in The Philippines.

Transportation in The Philippines

They also have plenty of other helpful tips about local customs you should know about, phrases in the local language or even detailed guides on what to pack.

Men's Packing Guide For Southeast Asia

They can also give you some great travel gift ideas for your adventure-loving friends!

Get out there and do it!

It may take some time to sort through all of this information, but that can be half the fun. In a way, you get to explore your destination before you have even left! The combined knowledge of all these bloggers is literally mind-blowing. You’ll never find one person who knows it all, but you will most certainly find at least a few people that know a lot about where you are trying to go.

Don’t afraid to reach out to Travel Bloggers either. We love hearing from people who also love to travel, and are more than happy to provide additional information about any of the places we have been.

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So get out there and see the world, find a few nice bloggers to help get you started and don’t be surprised if you never look back!

How do you use travel blogs to plan for your travels? Leave a comment below and tell us about it!

Using Travel Blogs, itineraries, tips and guides to travel the world without the need for a travel agent. How to plan for travel yourself for free.

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