Sedona in November: Weather Info & Travel Tips for 2024

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Wondering what Sedona in November is like? We asked our friend, Michael DeFranceschi (who loves Sedona!) from Michael Visits All, to cover this topic in depth.

This article is going to tell you everything you want to know about visiting the magical city of Sedona in the fall. 

We’ll discuss the average temperature in Sedona in November– including answering questions like “Does it snow in Sedona in November?” We’ll also cover hiking, the best tours, and events, the best places to stay in Sedona, and more!

Weather in Sedona in November 

view of the red rocks in sedona during november

When most people hear of Arizona and the topic of weather pops up, people often assume the weather is hot all year round. While this notion is pretty accurate for Arizona’s capital city of Phoenix, it is not that accurate for Sedona. 

Although the distance between Phoenix and Sedona is about two hours by car, the reason Sedona’s weather differs from Phoenix’s is the stark difference in elevation.

Whereas Phoenix is 1,086’ feet above sea level, Sedona is nearly four times that, standing at 4,350’ above sea level

Due to Sedona’s higher elevation, the weather is more likely to get cold.

The weather in Sedona in the month of November is usually around 70℉ during the day and at night the lows are usually around 40℉. You won’t need a jacket in Phoenix but you’ll definitely want to bring one visiting Sedona this time of year. 

Is there Rain in Sedona in November? 

sedona mountains being illuminated by the sunset

Yes, it does rain in Sedona in November, but not that much when you compare it to Sedona’s rainiest month and the national average. 

The rainiest month in Sedona is during the summer in the month of August. On average, it rains about 2.1 inches in Sedona in August whereas, in November, it only rains 1.38 inches

While packing a jacket for your trip to Sedona in November is a good idea, you won’t need to stress about packing a rain jacket. 

Is It Hot in Sedona in November? 

view out over devils bridge in sedona

Being that the high temperature rarely peaks at about 70℉, it is safe to say that, no, it is not hot in Sedona this time of year. In fact, it is one of the most pleasant times of year to visit.

Particularly if you are visiting from the midwest or northeastern parts of the United States, the temperature in Sedona is much like a typical autumn November. 

Does It Snow in Sedona in November? 

snow in sedona in november

While it can snow in Sedona in November, it is the second lowest month of snow accumulation. It snows an average of 0.91 inches in November.

To avoid snow completely, visiting during the months of May to October is ideal. Even in November, you are more likely to experience colder temperatures than you are to experience snow. 

If you really hate snow, avoid visiting Sedona in the months of December and February.

What To Do in Sedona in November 

View of Red Rocks in sedona during the month of november

You don’t come to Sedona to experience the adrenaline of a big city. Sedona is a small town surrounded by incredible red-colored mountains. When you visit this magical city, you come here to hike and experience the outdoors. 

That being said, with so many outdoorsy attractions to see, where does one begin? 

Hiking Sedona in November

For hiking newbies and people who want to start with easier trails, check out Red Rock State Park. 

For other easy trails, we highly suggest Fay Canyon and Baldwin Trail. 

Some other great Sedona hiking trails are the Airport Loop Trail, Birthing Cave, and the popular Devil’s Bridge. 

For the experienced hiker who wants a challenge, check out Bear Mountain Trail and Cathedral Rock. 

We would also suggest seeing some of Sedona’s magnificent waterfalls while you’re in the area. Although, it’s good to know that a lot of the waterfalls near Sedona are seasonal waterfalls, so if you visit Sedona and it hasn’t rained recently, there might only be some trickles. 

Another fun thing to do when visiting Sedona is to take a day trip from Sedona to Antelope Canyon. Since Antelope Canyon is only a 3-hour drive, it’s a great day trip.

Sedona Camping in November 

If you are lucky enough to grab a spot, Sedona camping is some of the best in the country. 

But because of its popularity, it can be difficult to get a spot camping in Sedona in November. 

The accommodating weather welcomes more people to experience Sedona’s natural beauty. 

Thus, to optimize your Sedona camping trip in November, we suggest you make reservations close to 6 months early, and consider options in neighboring towns such as Cottonwood or Cornville.

Sunset in Sedona in November

Sunsets are beautiful pretty much anywhere but there are some incredible places to watch the sunset in Sedona. The Martian red landscape against the pink sky is a sight you will never forget. 

We also bring up the topic of the sunset since it is not as safe to hike many of the trails without adequate daylight. On average, sunset in November takes place around 5:30 p.m. 

Make sure if you plan to be out on a trail after dark that you bring a headlamp and you know your hiking skill and trail navigation level! 

Sunrise in Sedona in November

While we’re on the topic of sunsets, if you’re more of a morning person you might want to know when the sunrises in November in Sedona.

The sunrise takes place at the beginning of the month around 6:50 am, and towards the end of the month, it will rise around 7:15 am. This is great for those of us that have always wanted to see a sunrise but don’t want to wake up at 5 am to see it!

There are some incredible places to watch the sunrise in Sedona as well that you definitely should check out during your visit!

Best Tours in Sedona

a pink jeep in sedona on a rock face with a view out over the red rocks

Sedona is a city with a rich history. It is also a city with so much to do, it may be hard to know where to even begin!

You could start by going on an adventurous Sedona Jeep tour to see some of the best scenery around or if you’re up for a less bumpy ride, go on a scenic drive through Sedona.

There are even incredible stargazing tours to check out while visiting!

Here are our favorite tours to go on in Sedona in November: 

Sedona Trolley

downtown sedona from the trolley
See views like these from the trolley through downtown Sedona

Located conveniently in uptown Sedona, the Sedona Trolley is one of the easiest ways to get a good taste of Sedona without having to move as much! Led by a charming tour guide, the trolley drives you around some of Sedona’s most stunning locations while providing fascinating trivia.

Sedona Stargazing Tour

stargazing in sedona at night with a bright purple sky

Take advantage of the lack of light pollution and treat yourself to a tour of a clear night sky led by a professional astronomer! The tour guides use high-powered laser pointers and help you with identifying various constellations.

As if the Martian red landscape in the daytime isn’t magical enough, the Sedona sky at night is just as awe-inspiring. 

Sedona Vortex Tour by Jeep

pink jeep tour of sedona arizona

Legend has it that there are four vortexes in Sedona where people have spiritual experiences. Instead of having to walk to them, you can opt to go on a Sedona Jeep tour to check them out and get some fun 4×4 action in as well. 

Events in Sedona in November 

View of the red rocks in Sedona with the moon in the sky

The events in Sedona in November vary from food truck events to meditation events to hiking and much more. 

Here is a list of all the events in November. Each event takes place on different dates every year, so make sure to search for more information on when to attend if you’re interested in these events. 

  • Food Truck Festival
  • Revitalizing Detox Retreat
  • Illuminate Film Festival
  • Finding True Self
  • Sedona Meditation Weekend
  • Sedona Red Rock & Grand Canyon Adventure Encore Symposium
  • Sedona Turkey Trot

Best Places to Stay in Sedona

If sleeping in a tent or an RV is not your thing, no worries– we still got you covered on recommendations for hotels! 

Depending on how much you are willing to spend, your hotel may very well be a source of enjoyment on your trip to Sedona. Here is our list of the best resorts you can stay at in Sedona:

The Penrose Bed and Breakfast

the penrose bed and breakfast in sedona
The Penrose Bed & Breakfast (Photo Credit: Expedia.com)

Listed as a 5-star hotel for an incredibly affordable price- This Bed & Breakfast cooks all their food from scratch (even the candy!). If you’re up late, there is a 24/7 free snack bar. Rooms have light & airy windows for guests to take in the breathtaking views fully. 

The Wilde Resort and Spa

view of the pool at the wilde resort and spa in sedona
The Wilde Resort & Spa (Photo Credit: Expedia.com)

The Wilde Resort & Spa pampers its customers with all-day modern cuisine, a spa, amazingly comfortable beds, a rooftop terrace, a prime spot to see the Sedona night sky, and even more! All this luxury and the price are super affordable. 

Enchantment Resort

view over the enchantment resort in sedona
The Enchantment Resort (Photo Credit: Expedia.com)

Located near the Boynton Canyon Vortex, the Enchantment Resort is decorated with unrivaled affluence. From the fine dining, extensive wine menu, wellness sessions, and very close proximity to one of Sedona’s most well-known attractions, you’re bound to have an incredible time here. 

What to Wear in Sedona in November 

girls hiking in sedona in november

The most important item we think to bring is comfortable and durable shoes you can easily walk long distances in. 

In addition to proper footwear, these are the additional clothing items you should consider wearing in Sedona in November: 

  • Both short and long-sleeved shirts
  • A light jacket for hiking
  • Hiking pants or shorts depending on the weather
  • A warmer jacket for when it cools off at night
  • Something nice to wear to go out to dinner at night

Sedona in November: Frequently Asked Questions 

Is November a good time to visit Sedona? 

Yes, November is a wonderful time to visit Sedona! The temperature is rather mild compared to the summer months. There is not a high chance of snow or rain during November, making it a great month for hiking. 

Is Thanksgiving a good time to visit Sedona? 

If you’re looking to avoid crowds when visiting Sedona, Thanksgiving is a great time to visit. There will be fewer tourists, but it won’t be completely desolate, especially the day (and weekend) after Thanksgiving.

What are the best months to visit Sedona? 

The best months to visit Sedona are April-June and September-November. These months have the best weather for enjoying all the hiking trails Sedona has to offer. Although, be wary that because the weather is so nice, many other people will be visiting at the same time so prepare for crowds. 

Final Thoughts: Visiting Sedona in November

sedona view with blue sky and mountains

Sedona is a pretty great place to visit any time of the year but November is especially a pretty good month. 

The biggest advantages of visiting Sedona in November stem from the weather: it is not terribly hot, the chance of rainfall is pretty low, and the odds of snowfall are even lower.

Whether you’re an avid hiker, camper, or even a city explorer, Sedona is a must-see for any travel enthusiast! It is easily one of the most beautiful towns in the United States.  

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