Top 12 BEST Pink Jeep Tours in Sedona 2024

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Looking for the best Pink Jeep Tours in Sedona? You’ve come to the right place!

Sedona is home to incredible landscapes, glowing orange and red rock sunsets, delicious restaurants, outstanding hiking trails, and so much more.

We’ve visited Sedona a few times now and our absolute favorite way to see the gorgeous red rocks and towering canyons are on this highly-rated 4×4 Sedona Jeep Tour.

We know you’re here for the tours, so without further ado, keep reading for a list of the best Pink Jeep Sedona Tours.

What is the Best Pink Jeep Tour in Sedona?

sedona jeep tour with a view of the rocks and a red jeep
Book this off-road Jeep tour to see spectacular scenery around every corner

Our #1 favorite jeep tour in Sedona is this Private Soldier Pass Trail Jeep Tour.

We don’t think Pink Jeep Tours of Sedona can get better than this. And we’re not the only ones – this tour has top-rated 5.0 out of 5 reviews from 215 previous customers.

The tour will lead you through Sedona’s rugged landscape toward Soldiers Pass. Alongside expansive views throughout, you’ll get close to the breathtaking Devil’s Kitchen sinkhole and Apache’s Seven Pools. 

So if you’re wondering which pink jeep tour in Sedona is the best, we highly recommend the Private Soldier Pass Trail Jeep Tour from Sedona.

12 Best Pink Jeep Tours of Sedona

1. Private Soldier Pass Trail Jeep Tour from Sedona

pink jeeps on a off road road in sedona with red rocks in the background
Book this Private Jeep tour to see Soldiers Pass- one of the best off-roading areas in Sedona Photo Credit: MRoach

🤩 Rating: 5/5 Stars (215 reviews) | ⏳ TOUR LENGTH: 2 hours  | 🚙 BOOK NOW 

See Sedona’s famous rock formations on this fantastic Private Soldier Pass Trail Jeep Tour from Sedona.

Your local guide will navigate the rugged terrain as you sit back and enjoy the views. They will also provide a unique insight into Sedona’s fascinating history,

‘The tour was awesome. Five stars don’t do it justice. Our tour driver Brian was unbelievably knowledgeable and made the experience amazing.’


The historic trail follows in the footsteps of General George Cook, who took the same route during the 1871-72 Apache campaign. You will feel like a pioneer, stepping out of the jeep and exploring key landmarks.

While traveling towards Soldiers Pass, you will stop for photos at Devil’s Kitchen sinkhole and Apache’s Seven Pools. The challenging and expansive landscape is best explored with pink tours Sedona so you can get close to these beautiful sites.

2. Private Red Rock West Jeep Tour from Sedona

view of red rocks on a sedona pink jeep tour
See views like this on this private red rocks Jeep tour

🤩 Rating: 4.5/5 Stars (211 reviews) | ⏳ TOUR LENGTH: 2 hours  | 🚙 BOOK NOW 

Be a cowboy for the day while experiencing an off-road tour of the incredible Sonoran Desert.

This Private Red Rock West Jeep Tour from Sedona takes you deep into the rugged countryside and canyons by a 4WD. On your way to historic Dry Creek Basin, you’ll listen to exciting tales of rebels and renegades before arriving at a frontier cabin made of hand-hewn logs.

‘We had an AMAZING time on our tour! Daniel was such an incredible guide, truly a fun and professional guide. He asked us what we would like to do and customized our tour. We learned so much about the area and enjoyed the beauty of areas we could never have imagined. I highly recommend this tour… What an incredible memory we will take back with us.’

LAUREN D (Read More reviews)

On this fantastic Sedona pink jeep tour, you’ll see brilliant rock formations alongside regional wildlife, including lizards, birds, and mammals who’ve learned to adapt to the harsh desert wilderness.

You’ll also pass by the Boynton Canyon Trail, get some incredible photos, and finish with a beautiful Sedona sunset.

3. The Outlaw Trail Jeep Tour of Sedona

a sedona az jeep tour road under a red rock mountain

🤩 Rating: 5/5 Stars (651 reviews) | ⏳ TOUR LENGTH: 3 hours  | 🚙 BOOK NOW 

This 3-hour 4×4 tour winds through the Western canyons of Sedona, Arizona. 

On the family-friendly Outlaw Trail Jeep Tour of Sedona, you’ll see towering canyon walls, pine forests, red-rock buttes, and much more. 

‘Devon was an incredible guide! The tour was so much fun. We saw the beautiful vortexes and learned so much INTERESTING history about Sedona. I will be recommending it to everybody I know.’

– Shanuka (Read more reviews)

Your local guide will tell you the area’s history, the rock formations’ geology, and fascinating local traditions. Look out for wildlife, wildflowers, and native flora as you imagine what Sedona might have looked like a century ago. 

This brilliant pink jeep tour in Sedona Arizona is perfect for all age groups and a great way to get off the beaten track with the entire family. 

4. Private Colorado Plateau Jeep Tour from Sedona

a pink jeep in sedona on a rock face with a view out over the red rocks
Photo Credit: MRoach

🤩 Rating: 5/5 Stars (164 reviews) | ⏳ TOUR LENGTH: 2 hours  | 🚙 BOOK NOW 

If you’re looking for the best private pink jeep tour in Sedona AZ, then your search is over!

Go off-roading along the historic Stagecoach route on this Private Colorado Plateau Jeep Tour from Sedona

Highlights include seeing Damnfino Canyon, Snoopy Rock, the Teapot Formation, and Oak Creek Canyon while learning about the region’s history from your guide. 

‘We had a great time! Flame was so great at explaining all the different cultures and landscapes around the area. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a great experience.’

RANDY (Read more reviews)

Riding over the epic red rocks is an experience you can only get in a jeep! And the local guides on this Sedona Jeep tour will make sure you make the most of every minute.

You’ll also stop at the Mogollon Rim, which marks the edge of the Colorado Plateau in Arizona. The rim is a 200-mile limestone and sandstone cliff and a great place to get photos of the impressive canyon scenery.

5. Extreme Sedona Off-Road Canyon Jeep Tour

view out over sedona on a sedona jeep tour

🤩 Rating: 5/5 Stars (176 reviews) | ⏳ TOUR LENGTH: 2.5 hours  | 🚙 BOOK NOW 

If you want to book the best pink jeep tour Sedona offers, you can’t go wrong with this Extreme Sedona Off-Road Canyon Jeep Tour.

In fact, this is one of Sedona’s best pink jeep tours for adventurous travelers! Expect a fun and dramatic ride as you explore Sedona’s picturesque hills and canyons.

“We got more than expected with this extreme off-road excursion. Great off-road trails with our guide very knowledgeable on the local landscape and cultural features. I had a great memorable time with my family.

Carl (Read more reviews)

You’ll have amazing views of Thunder Mountain, Doe Mesa, Diamondback Gulch, and much more from your open jeep. Your local guide will share local history and help you spot unusual desert plants and wildlife.

This tour also conveniently includes a hotel pick-up and drop-off.

6. Diamondback Gulch 4×4 Open-Air Jeep Tour in Sedona

going down a rutted dirt road on one of the best pink jeep tours in sedona
Photo Credit: MRoach

🤩 Rating: 5/5 Stars (279 reviews) | ⏳ TOUR LENGTH: 2.5 hours  | 🚙 BOOK NOW 

Get deeper into the desert as you follow the bumpy four-wheel drive trails on this Sedona backcountry adventure!

The excellent Diamondback Gulch 4×4 Open-Air Jeep Tour in Sedona will drive through the Diamondback Gulch, an epic backcountry trail famous for its rocky and steep hills and rugged scenery.

‘Our guide was Wyatt, and he was fabulous! Very skilled at driving the jeep and knowledgeable about the area. He made the trip exciting, fun, safe, and educational! The company was professional and friendly as well, a great group to do business with for your vacation travels and adventures!’

KRISTI (Read more reviews)

According to the Sedona jeep tour reviews, previous guests loved learning about the Arizona geology, culture, wildlife, and plants.

You’ll love the scenic views on this wild ride to the remote canyons, passing stunning landmarks, including Thunder Mountain, Doe Mesa, and Bear Mountain. This tour is a truly fun way to explore Sedona!

7. Private Diamondback Gulch Off-Road Jeep from Sedona

views out of sedona of the orange rocks on a best jeep tour

🤩 Rating: 5/5 Stars (255 reviews) | ⏳ TOUR LENGTH: 2 hours  | 🚙 BOOK NOW 

On these fun Sedona tours, pink jeep guides will lead you through the wild landscapes and panoramic views surrounding Mingus Mountain.

The private Diamondback Gulch Off-Road Jeep tour is ideal for learning about the area’s wildlife, archaeology, and intriguing moments of Hollywood fame.

“Made our whole trip to Sedona! Best jeep tour in Sedona would recommend it to anyone. The Diamondback Gulch was tons of fun and super informative, thanks to (our guide) Firefox.

-Hunter (Read More reviews)

Like many of the best pink jeep tours in Sedona, you’ll have unobstructed views of the endless desert scenery. However, this exciting tour is the best way to get close to the most impressive sections of Diamondback Gulch!

You’ll also have an intimate and personalized tour as you enjoy your exhilarating drive through the Sedona landscapes.

8. Private Sedona Lil Rattler Jeep Tour

a rutted dirt road on a sedona jeep tour with red rocks towering over

🤩 Rating: 5/5 Stars (197 reviews) | ⏳ TOUR LENGTH: 2 hours  | 🚙 BOOK NOW 

Go off-roading on the floor of the canyon in the Red Rock Range! So if you want to see fantastic scenery on your private pink jeep tours, Sedona AZ scenery is on full display from these open-air jeeps.

The private Sedona Lil Rattler Jeep Tour goes through the historic Dry Creek Basin. Your expert driver will explain the surrounding geology, history, and wildlife.

‘So much fun for the entire family! Our guide Brady was amazing! He is like a walking encyclopedia and gave us a lot of historical and wildlife facts. Also, he is a great safe driver. Highly recommend this tour!’

NIK (Read More reviews)

You’ll take great photos around the Seven Canyons and see panoramic views of Thunder Mountain, Bear Mountain, Faye Canyon, and more. You might even see some Sedona waterfalls on this trail!

According to the Sedona Jeep tours reviews, guests of all ages loved the informative and friendly guides and the spectacular scenery throughout the scenic drive of Sedona.

9. Sedona Outback Trail Jeep Adventure

a pink jeep on a steep hill on a jeep tour of sedona
Photo Credit: MRoach

🤩 Rating: 5/5 Stars (705 reviews) | ⏳ TOUR LENGTH: 2 hours  | 🚙 BOOK NOW 

Get up close and personal with the outback on this family-friendly pink Jeep Sedona tour!

This Sedona Jeep tour doesn’t get too rough, but you’ll still get to explore the area’s dramatic scenery. You’ll see the almighty Cathedral Rock, Thunder Mountain, Bear Mountain, and more.

‘Kevin was so much fun. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect tour guide. Knowledgeable about the area and all the natural beauty that Sedona has to offer. Great sense of humor, all-around fun nice guy!’

VICKI (Read More reviews)

With knowledgeable guides and fun off-road trails, Sedona Outback Trail Jeep Adventure is definitely one of the best Sedona Jeep tours!

Your driver guide will also explain the history, ecology, and geology of the desert canyons, so you can fully immerse yourself in the beauty of Sedona without having to get behind the wheel. 

If you want to extend your trip in nature even longer, there are a ton of really great Sedona camping spots to spend the night at nearby.

AND if you camp overnight nearby, this is a great way to be able to wake up early (but not too early) to see an incredible Sedona sunrise over the red rocks.

10. Sedona Vortex Tour by Jeep

sedona at sunset with the rocks bright red

🤩 Rating: 5/5 Stars (1234 reviews) | ⏳ TOUR LENGTH: 2.5 hours  | 🚙 BOOK NOW 

Open your mind to the magic and mysticism of natural energy vortexes on this top-rated Sedona Vortex pink jeep tour AZ!

Many people choose to discover the vortexs’ on Sedona hiking trails, but on this jeep tour, you’ll learn about the history of several vortex sites from your local guide and discover why people believe these sites hold mystical properties. 

The Sedona vortexes are said to produce powerful energy, allowing visitors to recharge, meditate, or heal. So if you find yourself being pulled back to Sedona again and again, this might be why!

‘Our guide was very friendly, helpful, and had tons of information. I learned a lot! The history, the energy, and the breathtaking beauty of the tour was a once-in-a-lifetime experience! I hope to take more Sedona tours in the future!’

– Ryan (Read more reviews)

As you and your pink jeep tours Arizona’s beautiful scenery, you’ll see experience the best of Sedona’s landscapes. And to make sure you can get close to the vortex sites, you’ll get out on foot, so be prepared to walk on rough terrain. 

This unique Sedona jeep tour is a fun way to gain new perspectives – and maybe even feel the restorative power of the vortexes for yourself. 

11. Seven Canyons 4×4 Tour from Sedona

view out over sedona on a blue sky day

🤩 Rating: 5/5 Stars (232 reviews) | ⏳ TOUR LENGTH: 2 hours  | 🚙 BOOK NOW 

On this fantastic pink jeep tour, Arizona never looked better. You’ll ride through the ancient canyons and sandstone formations and be amazed by the breathtaking views.

Your Seven Canyons 4×4 Tour from Sedona will include a personal guide so you can learn about the region’s ecology and history. 

‘We had a great time! Robert was an exceptional host/guide and driver. We learned a lot about the local history and plant life and enjoyed the tour of historic landmarks throughout Sedona. Off-roading in the Jeep was definitely one of our favorite parts, of course!! Would highly recommend this tour!’

– JULIE (read more reviwes)

This fascinating area includes evidence of human life dating all the way back to 11500 BC. You’ll be in good company as you explore the Dry Creek basin; cowboys, Indians, and even Hollywood movie stars once roamed this famous historic trail.

If you want an intimate experience, this is one of the best jeep tours Sedona has for small groups, and it’s even dog-friendly. This jeep tour is even better when the weather is nice and cool if you’re visiting Sedona in November.

12. Private Red Rock Panoramic Jeep Tour of Sedona

View of the red rocks in Sedona with the moon in the sky

🤩 Rating: 4.5/5 Stars (36 reviews) | ⏳ TOUR LENGTH: 2 hours  | 🚙 BOOK NOW 

This wonderful private Sedona jeep tour explores Arizona’s Red Rock State Park, a 286-acre nature preserve with exceptional sights.

You’ll get panoramic views and stop at multiple vistas on this Private Red Rock Panoramic Jeep Tour of Sedona, including Mesa Overlook. 

‘Our guide Rip had excellent knowledge of the geology and history of the area! It made for an entertaining and informative adventure!!’

– Jean (Read more reviews)

On these pink jeep tours, Sedona AZ comes to life as you learn fascinating history and folklore from your helpful local guide. You’ll have plenty of time to stop for pictures of the stunning red rock formations between driving around the bumpy roads.

Sedona Pink Jeep Tours FAQs

What is the Most Popular Pink Jeep Tour in Sedona?

The Outlaw Trail with Arizona Safari Jeep Tours is the most popular pink jeep tour in Sedona. This tour company has 5.0 out of 5 stars out of 600 reviews! The famous Outlaw Trail is a 3-hour, 4×4 tour that winds through Sedona’s impressive western canyons. 

What to Expect on a Pink Jeep Tour

Expect incredible views and endless photo opportunities on your Sedona pink jeep tour. The roads are bumpy, so you should expect a fun and adventurous ride. You’ll also learn a lot about the area’s unique history.
If you don’t want your tour to get too rough, choose a personalized tour or family-friendly adventure like this one

How Much Does a Pink Jeep Tour Cost in Sedona?

The cost of most 2-hour pink jeep tours in Sedona is from $100. Book in advance for the best prices, especially if you’ll visit during the high season, public holidays, and weekends.

How Much do you Tip a Pink Jeep Tour Guide? 

The standard tip for your pink jeep tour guide is 15%. Tipping is an individual preference, but this 15-20% is how much most guests tip if they enjoyed the tour. Most tour companies will accept tips via cash or credit card.

What is the Best Time to Take the Pink Jeep Tour in Sedona?

The best time to take a Pink Jeep Tour in Sedona in the summer is early morning or sunset to avoid the heat. However, in Winter, mid-afternoon tours are a good time for a pink jeep tour when the weather is most pleasant.

Are Jeep Tours in Sedona Worth It?

Yes, Sedona jeep tours are definitely worth it! They are the best way to see the remarkable red rock scenery and rock formations, which you can only reach with a jeep. The landscapes are out-of-this-world and are an unmissable part of any Sedona trip.

How Long are Pink Jeep Tours Sedona?

Most Sedona pink jeep tours are 2-3 hours long. 2-3 hours is the ideal tour length to get deep into the desert and see the famous red rock scenery. 

How Many People Fit in a Pink Jeep Tour Sedona?

Small-group pink jeep tours usually fit 7-10 people. However, some Sedona jeep tours can fit up to 15 people. Choose a private tour if you prefer a more intimate or personalized tour experience.

Conclusion: The Top 12 Best Jeep Tours in Sedona

View of Red Rocks in sedona

We hope this guide will help you pick the best Sedona jeep tour for your trip! We always have a fantastic time in Sedona and can’t wait for our next visit.

Our personal choice for the best jeep tour in Sedona is this Private Soldier Pass Trail Jeep Tour from Sedona, but this private Sedona Lil Rattler Jeep Tour is perfect for families.

With amazing views and unbeatable landscapes, we know you won’t be disappointed!

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