Truman Lake is a great place in Missouri to spend a weekend getaway. There is just something about the summer that screams “Lake!” for so many people, myself included! You can see yourself now, sitting on the boat or floating around in a tube. A drink in your hand and some sunglasses on. Maybe cruising around on a jet ski or tearing it up on a wakeboard! Really any of it sounds a whole lot better than stuck behind a desk or breaking our backs at work like most of us find ourselves spending Monday through Friday.

Planning to camp at the campground while visiting Truman Lake? Make sure you have the best tent for camping that suites you and your family!

But that’s okay! Because one of the truly great things about “The Lake” is that it’s not just one particular lake. In fact, America has tons of lakes, and most of us live within a few hours drive from a pretty nice one. This means that weekend trips to the lake are super convenient! You can head out after work on a Friday and be back in time for Monday! Read on to learn about one of the best lakes in Missouri!

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Party cove on Truman Lake

Goin’ To Harry Truman Lake This Weekend!

This is especially true for those of us living in Missouri since just about everyone has been to Lake of the Ozarks at least once in our lives. But did you know that Lake of the Ozarks is actually connected to a much less developed and significantly quieter lake called Truman Lake Missouri?

Now don’t get me wrong, I love a good party on the lake weekend as much as the next guy. However, I must admit I have been a little put off by Lake of the Ozarks the last few times I have been. The lake of the Ozarks shoreline is almost nonexistent as it is quite literally littered with houses. The lake becomes difficult to use for water sports on popular weekends because of the huge number of boaters that show up. All of this leading to lake water that is becoming progressively more polluted and less desirable for swimming each year. And where is Truman Lake? It's only slightly more north than Lake of the Ozarks!

Day on Truman

What’s The Difference Between Truman Lake And The Ozarks?

You might find yourself thinking- how big is Truman Lake? Truman Lake is actually bigger than Lake of the Ozarks! Officially covering 86.87 square miles, Truman lake is about two miles larger than Lake of the Ozarks. State parks, wildlife sanctuaries, and various other wildlife management areas make up most of the area around Truman Lake MO. This means that the shoreline (for the most part) is nothing but trees and wildlife!

Truman lake is manmade, a product of the Harry S. Truman Dam, which regulates the Truman lake water level. So it is far easier to plan trips to Harry S. Truman Lake further in advance since the Truman lake level fluctuates a lot less than a natural body of water would.

Watching the sunset

The fact that the lake is significantly less popular means that you are sure to be able to find a secluded little spot to swim in the water, go fishing or even try out those skis you have been telling yourself you could “Hop right on no problem”.

But Where’s The Party?

If you are looking for a little bit of a rowdier time at the lake then fear not, Truman Lake in Missouri still has you covered. Not wanting to spend the weekend totally alone we ventured out in search of a little party cove and didn’t have any issues finding a fun group of people!

The Campground

Truman Lake campground

Jess and I stayed in just about the only campground on Truman Lake, Sterett Creek Campground. They offer primitive/tent campsites as well as RV hookups. They also have a shower/bath house and laundry facilities. The campsites are first come first serve or you can reserve for the entire summer. There is also the option to camp in the Harry S. Truman State Park. Don't forget to bring along an awesome tent to complete your weekend at the lake!

Sterett Creek Campground
18321 Marina Rd
Warsaw, MO 65355


$35.00 - Full Hook Up 50 amp
$26.00 - Electric w/ Water (No Sewer)
$22.00 - Electric Only (No water, no sewer)
$19.00 - PrimitiveTruman Lake marina

A short walk from the campground is the Truman Lake Marina aka Sterett Creek Marina. Whether you are looking to rent just about anything you could possibly imagine, or simply a place to tie up your own boat, the marina has you covered.

They also have a restaurant and a patio area that is right on the docks, and yes they even have a bar. These two lovely ladies were kind enough to let us take their picture after a little explaining on our part about just what the heck we were doing!

The bar on the marina

There is one more restaurant on the other side of the parking lot that Jess and I ate at once. Although in our opinion the restaurant was a bit overpriced.

Overall we loved our weekend at Truman Lake. We even checked out the visitors center on our way out of town and were pleasantly surprised. The Lake Truman MO center had a great view out over the lake and was very well kept.

Romantic sunset

If you're looking for a little something different then try Truman lake next time you head out for the weekend. You might just find yourself with a new favorite spot! We really believe it's one of the best lakes in Missouri!

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Where's your favorite lake to spend the weekend? Leave a comment below and tell us all about it!

The best weekend getaway lake in Missouri. Truman Lake


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